Members of the New Unionism Network are considering the development of a global and current union research database, which would gather available research materials done by the unions, academic institutions, and related bodies within a single online repository or portal. At the moment, various documents are held by different organizations and we propose to bring existing materials together within a single searchable framework, along with other relevant forms of support for researchers and research users working in different environments. Interested?

Our goal would be to help drive information sharing among interested parties, improve access for organizers, cut research duplication and distributed costs, and ultimately bolster the effectiveness of research efforts. We envision this as an inclusive project initiated by NUN.

We are presently in the exploratory phase, and are seeking to gauge interest and gather suggestions towards developing the project and a viable funding proposal. We would welcome expressions of interest as well as offers of relevant expertise that we could consult as we move forward.  Further, suggestions for, or indications of potentially sustainable forms of support (e.g. labour, resources, funding sources, etc.) from organizations and institutions could help us consider the design. We are not yet asking for any kind of commitment. And of course, if you are a researcher or a research user and feel that you could have something to offer a discussion, please get in touch.

Contact:  David Hansen-Miller —