reframing_tradeNetwork member Mike Waghorne has written in to recommend Donna McGuire’s new book, ‘Re-framing Trade: union mobilisation against the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)‘. Mike says:

Donna is a doctoral graduate of the Global Labour University programme in Germany. Her doctoral thesis, of which this is the book, is on union campaigns on the World Trade Organisation’s GATS. She focuses on two Global Union Federations, Public Services International (PSI) and Education International (EI), the two GUFs most involved in this campaign. She looks at the global campaigns by PSI and EI, including their attempts to involve their national affiliates. She includes a lot of material on their work with a number of NGOs and other civil society organisations, all new work for many union organisations. She also has extensive case studies on union campaigns in two countries, Australia and South Africa. The advantage for me in this book is that, whilst she naturally looks at all the successes achieved, she also looks at the failures of the campaigns, something not often found in work on union campaigns. It is a very useful analysis of campaign work on a global issue which can be very challenging for global unions.

The book was published in 2013 and can be purchased from Rainer Hampp Verlagwww publishers (click here) or ‘soft copy’ can be downloaded from Universität Kassel here: