The New Unionism Network is an international group which promotes global unionism through the creative application of organizing, workplace democracy, and internationalist principles. You can find out more about the network here:

This blog has been set up for members of the network to publish their own contributions to the discussion on new unionism.

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  1. David Says:

    “Union Strategies for Hard Times” Published

    A new book outlining how unions can help their laid off members, protect those still working, and prevent the gutting of their hard-won contracts – and their very unions themselves – has been published by a veteran organizer and labor eductor.
    Union Strategies for Hard Times: Helping Your Members and Building Your Union in the Great Recession,offers how-to counsel for unions as the continuing economic crisis ravages workers and threatens to destroy decades of collective bargaining gains. Urging leaders to avoid falling into a strictly defensive posture, it outlines how unions can seize the time and turn crisis into opportunity.
    The author is Bill Barry, director of labor studies at the Baltimore, Maryland labor center and a 40-year veteran of the movement. Barry calls on his long history of activism and years of “what works, what doesn’t” discussions with other leaders to come up with strategies to survive these terrible times and even use the crisis to build a better future.
    Union Strategies for Hard Times outlines a frank and systematic program for union leaders, stewards and activists who want to respond aggressively to those employers and financial interests that would have working people and their institutions just shut up, be nice and accept what’s given them.
    The book is offered by Union Communication Services, the U.S.’s primary labor education publisher. It is available for $15 plus shipping from or UCS, 165 Conduit St., Annapolis MD USA 21401.


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